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Artificial Turf Manufacturer

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Artificial Grass Manufacturer


Artificial Turf is produced as an alternative to natural grass. Artificial Grass is produced because of the limits of use of natural grass. However, the first-generation artificial grass carpets were not particularly suitable for playing soccer. For this reason, the first-generation artificial grass was not allowed to be laid in the field for professional or international soccer matches.

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Integral grass is a synthetic Artificial  Turf manufacturer for sport pitches and landscaping located in Turkey

Artificial grass


Synthetic turf of European quality, for ornamental and residential use for all your green spaces and all types of soil ...

Synthetic Turf


Synthetic turf colored for event use, unique in Europe, classified fire in free standing and
without sanding ...

Fake Grass


Balcony / Terrace,Pool beach, Garden, Playground, Public space, Athletic event, Reception, stall, scenography,Showcase

Artificial Turf Manufacturer

There are some steps which must be followed in artificial turf carpets. These stages may vary according to the types and sizes of football field carpets. There are two types of astroturfs in the market, indoor synthetic turf and outdoor artificial turf. You can choose between these two options in the construction of your artificial grass football pitch or field. If you want an airy field in summer, you can choose outdoor turf carpet field, if you want a field that you can work in the rainy or snowy weathers in winter, you can choose an indoor artificial grass carpet field. Integral, artificial turf producer ...