Artificial Turf for garden


An artificial lawn is a safe and cheap investment for long time to keep Your garden safe and looking good. Besides that artificial grass carpets have a lot of advantages comparing to natural grass. Artificial lawn is very easy for installation, very easy for cleaning and it has very low maintenance work.Garden work sometimes become a nightmare for people. There is no need of watering ,fertilising.You must just install it and take rest for years. Integral synthetic turf carpets are having UV resistance for years. Integral artificial turf carpets can be used for indoor decoration and outdoor decoration.It does not matter if You want to use in Your Office or in Your garden.

Integral turf can be also used for balconies, roof teraces and landscaping. Our turf carpets can match any garden design or size.Integral artificial grass products give a soft touch and safe for kids as well.It can be also used in playing grounds or mother schools.

Artificial Turf Garden

What is the Wall grass

Wall grass can be also used to cover Your garden with fences and it may look more beautiful and luxury. Gardening Works never became so easy.Integral turf carpets are having all quality standard certificates. Our artificial grass products are eco friendly and all raw materials are made in Europe and does not contain any harmful substances in them.

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