Decorative Artificial Grass

ntegral group artificial grass products also can be used for decoration of outdoor or indoor surfaces.

If You are looking for a low maintanence product which looks good and has lower cost , Integral synthetic turf producs are for You .We are manufacturer of decorative turf products .We have different kind of decorative grasses for different using and special events.Integral artificial turf products are very soft hand feeling and shiny look. Fake grass products also can be used for offices, exhibitions,concerts, meetings …etc

Integral artificial turf products can be installed in the offices as well which gives as if working on the garden to the workers and it makes the people more efficient. We have different colours of decorative artificial turf carpets in different thickness.So Our turf products can be used for landscaping of Your garden or Office.Integral synthetic turfs products also can be used to make a golf playing area in Your garden in Your leasure time. Our artificial grasses are not affecting from UV lights or rainy weather.So it is very low maintanence work .Everybody can decorate his/ her Office or garden with Our PE monofilament of fibralated turf products.

Integral artificial grasses  give a very natural look  to Your garden or wher You want to decorate it.


Decorative artificial grass carpets have a life span of about 10 years with regular maintenance.  Synthetic grass is produced as an alternative natural grass. The two products are equivalent to each other in appearance and terms of use as their basic features.

Superior Features of the Grass Carpets:

Reduced slipperiness - Increased design and implementation of movement possibilities

Resistance to abrasion - Reduced sand usage

Ground suitability and ball jumping norm

Reducing the risk of injury - Sunlight resistance - Aesthetic Image

Decorative Synthetic Turf

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